We come in contact with over 1,200 toxins a day. These toxins come from our air, water, food, and lifestyle! Find out how toxic you are with a Live blood cell analysis. This test can reveal: Digestive problems, candida issues, anemia, liver stress, hormone imbalances, toxicity levels, absorption issues, mouth pathology, acidosis, circulation issues, inflammation factors, and much more.
In one drop of blood we can see the health of the body and what challenges it is dealing with. Whether you have nutritional deficiencies or serious health concerns, this is a way to view problems before they manifest into disease and get out of control.
We have a LIVE Blood Cell Analysis’s coming up the first Friday of every month at our Bonita Springs location (239-992-5838) and  the first Saturday of every month in Naples (239-353-7778)
Call today and sign up, at the special price $50.00 for the live layer and only an additional $40.00 to include the dry layer.

Call today to set your appointment.