Meet Joe Wallen



An Interview with Joe Wallen, Owner of For Goodness Sake, by Geva Salerno

GS: When did you first become interested in nutrition?

JW: After graduating from college in the late ’60’s, I was a part of the revolution seeking truth and meaning. Though I had a business degree I was torn by the idea of wanting to help others. I wandered around the country and while living on a beach in N. California, I read a book by Adelle Davis called Let’s Eat Right To Stay Fit. In it, she linked a lot of societal issues like Alcoholism, delinquency, violence etc. with a lack of proper nutrition, specifically B vitamins and Amino Acids and excess sugar and processed foods. I was astonished by the thought that by simply helping people eat right or get certain supplements or herbs etc that one could significantly help others. I would visit Health Food stores often after that as there always seemed to be caring people there trying to help others.

GS: Does your business have a mission?

JW: I believe that Nutrition alone could have a tremendous effect alleviating the Health care crisis in the world. I believe most heath care problems are caused by a lack of proper nutrients or by an excess of toxic sugar laden, over processed food. Dietary changes alone could solve the Health care crisis for the individual and society. It seems so simple and it is why I got into the business. I got credentialed as a certified nutritionist in the late “”80’s and was licensed by the state of Florida as a nutritionist at that time. I opened For Goodness Sake in 1984 to provide me with the means to fulfill my mission of helping as many people as possible with nutritional products, discussion and direction.

GS: How do your stores work to fulfill that mission?

JW: The staff and products at my stores are there to help and as an alternative to some of the less nutritious products promoted in the mass market. FGS tries to be in tune with the latest information and products for fitness. The top lines are featured in the supplement area and there are many choices for Gluten-Free Raw, Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Low Carb, etc Our emphasis is on nutritional choices for the individual. We carry some products requested by people that others may not find appropriate and vice versa. We carry some whole food products that may not be “”organic”” because they may be important to others for price reasons or health reasons.

GS: Any last words, Joe?

JW: We are in business for your health and try to provide an affordable approach to staying fit for a long and healthy life.