Meet Becky Gruhn




Becky Gruhn, manager of the Naples Store:

I am very passionate about people’s ability to heal themselves. I’m originally from Cleveland Ohio. But, I’ve been in Naples for over 24 years. I first became interested in nutrition 35 years ago when my son was five years old. He had been ill for years and ended up with three sets of tubes in his ears. He practically lived off of antihistamines and antibiotics. I felt extremely helpless. Doctors really didn’t help. They just kept prescribing things and nothing worked.

Finally, I took him to a chiropractor who tested and found multiple food allergies. When we cut these foods out he was completely fine. I was so upset by this turn of events. I had put my faith in supposed “experts” and nothing had helped. After that experience I wanted to learn more about nutrition and healing. I started reading and slowly I changed my family’s whole diet. I got a job in a health food store, which was a place I could learn more. And now, I learn something new everyday.

I studied nutrition at the National Institute of Nutritional Education. I’m interested in all alternative healing modalities including massage, yoga and reiki. I have been particularly inspired by Dr. Christopher, Arnold Ehret and locally Dr. Permutter. My job is a labor of love. People are so appreciative and it’s very rewarding.